Jumprope is a mobile app that allows users to create useful and engaging recipes, beauty tutorials, fitness routines, and more without any video-editing experience. Reach an engaged community on Jumprope, and share your video to any social platform. The Jumprope app perfectly formats your video to export to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Google, and more.


December 2020 - June 2021

Major deliverables:

  • Designed a new commerce feature that allows creators to monetize their videos by embedding affiliate links (iOS & Android)
  • Led TikTok integration
  • Created a web app version of the mobile app


Jumprope was acquired by LinkedIn in June 2021.

Project #1: Monetization

Prior to joining, Jumprope amassed hundreds of creators creating content that had millions of views. The CEO reached out to me to help Jumprope design its first revenue-creating feature, which would allow creators to embed affiliate links into their content.

Project #2: Desktop app

Creators wanted a way to create Jumpropes from their computer. My task was to design a web app that emulated the mobile app.

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