My name is Angel Olvera and I'm a designer based out of New York City. I graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Product Design Engineering and I’m passionate about the intersection of digital technology and the built environment.

My interest in experience design was cemented when I worked as a nightclub lighting designer in Berlin and I witnessed how technological (& musical) transformations could turn decrepit warehouses into some of the most lucrative dance spots in the world. After that, I worked several years at Stanford’s Virtual Reality Lab as a programmer creating immersive environments used in research studies. After graduating, I moved to NYC to work at a VR startup called Entrypoint and designed a tool that made it easier to create virtual experiences.

I left the world of virtual reality because I wanted to take what was amazing about these immersive, digital worlds and reproduce that in the physical world around me. Shortly after, I started my own product design consultancy, helping startups and small venture teams raise money and scale. I try to bring great design to impactful yet overlooked industries, which has led me to work in real estate tech, construction tech, and senior housing initiatives.

When I'm not working, I'm playing tennis, dancing, and traveling. I am truly inspired by people with a vision and a plan to change the world. If that's you, let's chat.