Coord is a platform to help cities manage their transportation needs by measuring, visualizing and analyzing their street curb data. They’ve raised $5 million from notable investors such as Alphabet, Inc. and have customers that include Lyft, Nissan, and the cities of Boulder, Seattle, and Pittsburgh.


March 2019 - April 2020


  • Coord was acquired by Google's Sidewalk Labs in April 2022.
  • Our software was featured on the June 2019 cover of the American Planning Association magazine
  • Design finalist for FastCo’s Innovation by Design Awards, alongside great companies that include NASA, Uber, and Waymo.
  • Clients who purchased the software included the cities of: Seattle, Aspen, Boston, Boulder, Omaha, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Nashville.

Design System

Since there was no software before I joined, my first task was to create a design system for the platform. I used Google's Material UI framework as the base and customized it to be unique for our brand. I collaborated with a developer to create the interactive style guide you see below.

Mapping Software

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